August 19, 2014

亚洲猛鬼热点槟城峇都茅的峇都马蓉山(Bukit Batu Maung)

被选为“十大亚洲猛鬼热点之一”的战争博物馆位于槟城峇都茅的峇都马蓉山(Bukit Batu Maung)上. 你敢在农历七月中元节到此游览及过夜, 挑战自己的胆量和心中的恐惧吗? 国家地理频道《亚洲猛鬼实录》(I Wouldn’t Go In There)节目,选出了亚洲10个地区“最猛”的地点; 不难发现10个“最猛”地点中, 多是监狱和军事基地为主, 而以“战争”为主题的槟城战争博物馆也因此“上榜”了. 槟城战争博物馆在最猛的排行榜列第七位. 据说, 在上世纪30年代英国军队看上当地的地理环境而建起一座防御碉堡, 然而该防御碉堡在第二次世界大战时期被日军占用, 也将其转为牢房和刑场; 如今山上还有殉职英军的坟墓, 因而也被称为“鬼山”.

The War Museum in the state has been listed as one of the Top 10 Most Haunted Sites in Asia by the National Geographic Channel. A production team from the channel was here in May to film a documentary at the museum, known locally as Bukit Hantu or Ghost Hill, said Penang War Museum chief executive officer Johari Shafie. “They came to uncover our collection of historic accounts on this important historical site in Asia and to inspire a renewed interest in honouring our past,” he said. “We are honoured and proud that our museum could bring out the ghostly feeling,” he said in a statement. The museum, in Batu Maung here, will be featured in a National Geographic documentary series called I Wouldn’t Go In There. Would you go into Penang’s scary War Museum?

地点/Location: Bukit Batu Maung, Penang.

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