August 19, 2014

全亚洲首个水上探险乐园Wet World Wild Adventure Park

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]全亚洲首个水上探险乐园Wet World Wild Adventure Park在圣诞节当天由槟州首长林冠英进行开幕. 采取德国科技制造, 并符合欧洲TUV安规认证标准. 这座海上乐园拥有各种适合成人与小孩一同玩乐的水上设施, 包括攀岩、跑道、蹦床、荡秋千、滑道、水池、人体弹射机等, 水深6尺至17尺. 为确保安全, 所有入场者须穿上救生衣, 因此即使不谙水性者也可前来玩乐. 为了避免玩客被水母螫伤, 乐园范围内安装至少两层的安全网, 并且也有救生员站岗.

The Asia’s first Wet World Wild Adventure Park Located in Penang. The Wet World Wild Adventure Park is located off the seafront of Komplex Bayu Senja which is near the Park Royal Hotel Penang at Batu Feringgi. For attractions here, the park will consist of a variety of inflatable obstacles that include activities such as: Rock Climbing, Running Track, Trampoline Swings, Slides & Human Catapult. All of the structures are engineered in Germany and are certified safe according to international safety standards as the management is very concerned about visitors safety. The park will also be open during non-monsoon seasons where only a maximum of 80 adults are allowed in per session due to safety reasons.

官方影片/Official Video:

地点/Location: Wet World Wild Adventure Park, Moonlight Bay, Batu Ferringhi, Penang.

开放时间/Operation Hours: 9am – 7pm
入场费/Entrance Fees: RM40(成人/Adults)、RM30(儿童/Kids)
(周末与公共假日限2小时, 平日可进场一整天)
(Weekends and public holidays limited to 2 hours per person)

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