August 19, 2014

Malaysia Mabul Island 世界上顶级“漫潜”的圣地马布岛

世界上顶级“漫潜”的圣地, 被誉为世界七大潜水圣地之一位于马来西亚沙巴仙本那-马布岛(Mabul Island). 马布岛海域适宜浮潜和岛上休闲. 水清沙幼, 水清到底, 平静的没有一丝水波, 可以媲美马尔代夫. 海岛四周由沙滩围拢而成, 位于一块占地200公顷礁石的西北角落上. 岛屿海域生活着大群的海洋微小生物, 在马布岛上您可以新奇的发现许多形形色色的生物, 如虾、鳗鱼和虾虎鱼等等也被公认为世上最罕有的小型海洋生物观赏据点, 也是世界各地深潜爱好者的集中地.

Mabul Island – Mabul is a small island off the south-eastern coast of Sabah in Malaysia. The island has been a fishing village since 1970s. Then in 1990s, it first became popular to divers due to its proximity to Sipadan island. Located 15 km from Sipadan, this 20-hectare piece of land surfaces 2–3 meters above sea level, consists mostly flat grounds and aerial view is oval-shaped. Surrounding it are sandy beaches, perched on the northwest corner of a larger two square kilometer reef.
Mabul island is administered by Semporna, Tawau district.








地点/Location: Mabul Island,Semporna ,Sabah Malaysia.


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